If you're not at the table, you're on the menu.


    We are a collective of progressive local political professionals and strategists who want more women to run for elected office, and we are donating our time, energy, and expertise to see it happen.


    We offer pro bono advice and guidance tailored to your specific community and needs,

    and can provide you with a path forward. If you have thought about running for office, know that you’d like to,

    or know someone who would be a phenomenal candidate but she just needs to be asked,

    our advisors are here for you.


    We exist to inspire women to take on leadership roles in their communities and

    remove as many barriers as possible to their success.


    A quick note: thank you for the overwhelmingly positive response to this effort!

    At this time, we have reached our capacity to serve this incredible community of women.

    In the meantime, please feel free to sign up as a supporter and keep up to date as we expand our services.


    Local Political Professionals​

    We are a collective of seasoned political professionals, campaign strategists, and community organizers with the expertise to get you started down a path towards public office.


    Initial Consulting and Guidance

    If you want to become more engaged in your community by running for public office at any level, we will help you create a plan for your first steps, free of charge.


    That may be an assessment of your current personal and professional situations to determine if running is right for you, and if so which office; it may be a plan to get a campaign up and running for the next election cycle. We will give you an hour of our time to help you get started, at no cost to you.


    Illinois Communities

    Right now we’re focused exclusively on Illinois, because that’s our area of expertise. Our advisors have worked in government and on campaigns all across Illinois, at a variety of levels.


    We can plug you into your local political community through our existing networks, and if we can't, then we will help you identify people who can.


    Because Nothing Should Be In Your Way


    We believe that if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu. Women’s voices add a crucial diversity and unique perspective to any policy discussion, and those voices need to be at the table when decisions are being made about our communities, our lives, and ourselves.


    Have you thought you might want to run for office, but not sure where to start?

    We will match you with an experienced Advisor to help you make a plan, for free.


    Make a Plan​

    You've thought about getting involved politically or even running for office, but you need some help getting started.


    While we can't manage your campaign or dive deep into electoral strategy, we can help you work through those crucial first steps to get you started down the right path.


    Unfortunately (or fortunately), due to unexpectedly high demand, we are unable to take on new clients right now. We are so inspired by every woman who has signed on with us, and hope to share more advice and wisdom with you in future election cycles!


    Offer Your Expertise ​

    We are experienced political professionals with competence in campaign strategy, fundraising, communications, and field organizing.


    We also care passionately about engaging women in the political process, and believe that everyone benefits when women have a role in making public policy decisions.


    Help Us Connect

    You are willing to help our Advisors connect Clients to helpful resources in their communities.


    You may not have the time or expertise to be an Advisor, and you may not be interested in running for office yourself -- but if you do have networks of people who can be helpful to our Clients, please sign up as a Connector.


    Lend Your Support

    You're not ready to jump in, but you want to support women who are.


    Sign up as a Supporter and check out the other great organizations listed below.


    There are a number of fantastic organizations working in this space, or whose values align with ours.

    Please check them out and see if they might help you on your journey as well.

    Free, online campaign training for every Democratic candidate. Everywhere. Covers field organizing, campaign fundraising, messaging and media, and campaign management.

    Competitive, 9-month, part-time fellowship training Illinois women how to run for office and win.

    Search by street address to find the offices you are eligible to run for, with all the information you need to get on the ballot.

    A national network asking women to run, and continuing along their journey towards public office by demystifying the experience and empowering them to unleash their leadership potential.

    CrowdPAC offers a crowd-funding fundraising platform, objective voting information on candidates and races country-wide, and tools and resources on running for office.

    Emerge is a seven-month, 70-hour, training program providing aspiring female leaders with cutting-edge tools and training to run for elected office and elevate themselves in our political system in states outside of Illinois.

    Off the Sidelines Chicago empowers women to take their ideas to action by connecting them with local organizations, issues and initiatives. Established by Cook County Commissioner Bridget Gainer, OTS Chicago is a non-partisan platform for women in the Chicago area prioritizing civic impact and professional development.

    NLC works to recruit, train and promote the progressive political entrepreneurs of tomorrow — trendsetters, elected officials and civically-engaged leaders in business and industry who will shape the future landscape.

    Created in 2016 to refocus, inspire, shelter and evolve the current American electorate.

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